Saturday’s foray, 10/29/16

Seventeen diehard mushroomers showed up braving the huge raindrops Saturday. They are truly true ‘Washitonians’; my kind of foragers. 😃 Nope, I did not miscount, several left early.


Although cantharellus cibarius was not abundant, there were a little to take home for the pot.

Edibles found:

1. Cantharellus cibarius /yellow chanterelle
2. Cantharellus subalbidus /white chanterelle
3. Craterellus tubaeformis /winter chantrelle/yellow foot (this has been renamed from: Cantharellus tubaeformis)
4. Boletus zelleri (not the Boletus mirablis)
5. Rozites caperata (gypsy)
6. Clitocybe nuda or Lepista nuda/blewit
7. Lactarius rubrilateus /bleeding milk cap
8. Cortinarius violaceus
9. Armillaria mellea/ honey mushroom
10. Russula Xerampelina/shrimp mushroom
11. Sarcodon fuscoindicum

A HUGE thank you to Margaret for those delicious cupcakes to end the day with.

Many non edibles were found, sharing a few of them…


Laccaria bicolor


genus unknown



nope, not a Lactarius rubidus or candy cap. Candy cap caps are not sticky, slimy, or shiny which these were, and L. rubidus also releases white milk liquid when caps are cut which these do not.


Another angle of the Laccaria bicolor.


Genus: Hygrophorus aka waxy caps. A large diverse genus


Underside of the Hygrophorus piceae


top of Hygrophorus piceae


Tricholomas, the two yellow ones are: Tricholoma zelleri


Hygrophorus bakerensis aka ‘Starbucks latte’ excellent delicious strong scent of almond


Lepiota clypeolaria NOTE: This and and other small species should not be eaten!


Laccaria amethystio-occidentales


Grown up Laccaria amethystio-occidentalis

Tricholoma equestre, T. flavovirens aka ‘man on horseback’. Although David Arora’s text: All that the Rain Promises and More…states that it is edible, recent poisoning has been recorded.


A cute dainty Myxomphalia maura, grows on burnt wood.


Chondostereum purpureum, a fungus that attacks trees, ugh!


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