Spring is in the air

Come join us for the 2016 foray season.

Oyster Mushrooms grown from kit

Grandview Mushrooms offers many types of mushrooms http://grandviewmushrooms.com/

Potluck time

Often it pays to stay for the potluck after a foray.

Amanita muscaria

Quintessential fairy tale mushroom.

Dehydrator in Action

Found more than you know what do do with? Dehydrate them and save for later.
Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Recipes

Have a bunch of mushrooms and need some inspiration?
Join Us for Forays

Join Us for Forays

The club hosts a number of forays throughout the year. Join today!
Identification Help

Identification Help

Need help identifying mushrooms? We're here to help.
SCMS was organized in late 1971 when Greta Wolff and others, sensing a need, called a meeting to see if the need was strong enough to justify an organization. More than 75 people came to the first meeting and it was agreed that a society in Snohomish County was justified. Greta, a newspaper columnist, was instrumental in organizing the society and became its first President. SCMS was incorporated as a non-profit educational organization and has so continued to the present. Its members are people who have shown an interest in mushrooms. Each person, by sharing his knowledge with others, has helped SCMS grow and build to where today it can give considerable help to the novice. SCMS also sponsored a book by member Gene Butler, keying out the genera of fungi. SCMS has developed several power point presentations which have become an important teaching aid during many of our meetings. We also have several NAMA power point presentations on mushrooms. A highlight each year is the Annual Fall Mushroom Show in October. At this time we collect many varieties of mushrooms in season and display them to the public. Persons who wish to join the Society may do so by coming to one of our meetings. Complete membership information can be found on the Membership page. Email us if you have any questions.