New Mushroom: Cortinarius kroegeri

Paul Kroeger, a well known Canadian mycologist, who was one of our speakers in 2013 from Vancouver, BC, has a new species of the genus Cortinarius named in his honor.

This mushroom, Cortinarius kroegeri, is only known from the western North America, but further study will be necessary to determine this for certain.

Applause, applause, Paul, well done!

8710385-1More info and pictures:

Subject: New species of Cortinarius named in Paul Kroeger’s honour

Few days ago, a new species of the genus Cortinarius was named in Paul Kroeger’s honour:
Cortinarius kroegeri Niskanen, Liimat., Harrower, Berbee, Garnica & Ammirati


Paul gave me two sets of photos of the two paratypes and I posted them on Mushroom Observer: (photo below) (photo below)

For the description proper, see

Adolf & Oluna Ceska, Victoria, BC

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